For the learners and interested people without reading music and without prior musical skills and want to play the violin, piano, guitar, flute, voice or etc.

  • Group Classes No more than 4 people per hour (Fee 1,500 Baht/ 4 times a month)
  • Duo lessons 2 people per hour (Fee 2,000 Baht/ 4 times a month)
  • Private lessons 1 people per hour (Fee 2,200 Baht/ 4 times a month)
  • Kids Music Classed for 3-5 years old : One-on-one 40 minutes (Fee 1,500 Baht/ 4 times a month)

Student absence

  • You will be asked to notify your teachers directly at least 24 hours in advance.
  • In the case of absence due to illness or other emergency, you must be inform by phone at least 1 hour before starting that class.

Student making-up class

  • You need to make-up classes within the 4-8 weeks in duration of your course or when teacher is available only.

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  1. Violin Book 1
    : Essential Elements 2000 for strings
    : Suzuki Violin School Volume 1-2-3 etc.
  2. Parts of the Violin and Bow
  3. Holding the Violin and Bow
  4. Learning to read and play this many types of notes and rest durations
  5. Strings learned / Number of fingers used
  6. Scales / Keys
  7. How to play any song

Piano Lessons

For beginners and all levels of players. Adults all the way to the youthful have found these learning paths very helpful in building great piano skill

  1. These Piano Books for beginners and all levels of players that are suitable for each leaners
    – Piano Lesson Made Easy New Edition : Lina Ng (Level 1-3)
    – Alfred’s Basic Piano Course Lesson Series
    – Alfred’s Basic Piano Course Theory Series
    – Alfred’s Basic Adult All-in-One Piano Course
    – John Thompson’s Easiest Piano Course
  2. Learn about introduction at playing
  3. hand position, reading notes ( Sight Reading) Lesson and rhythms.
  4. Technical at the piano and more.
  5. How to play any song

Guitar Lessons

  1. Parts of the guitar
  2. Finger Warm-up
  3. How to read Guitar TAB
  4. How to read Standard Notation
  5. How to play any song

Flute Lessons

  1. Introduction to the Flute
  2. Fingering
  3. Breathing and Articulation, Embouchure
  4. Rhythm and Tempo practice
  5. Key Signatures and Scales, Dynamics and Expression
  6. Studies and Solos

Voice Lessons

  1. Controlling their breath.
  2. Vocal warm ups and technique
  3. How to sing in tune and practice singing
  4. Choose the right song and suit their voices

Karaoke Lessons

  1. Course on how to sing karaoke.
  2. Advanced course on how to improve your karaoke.
  3. Mini course on how to sing a specific song or focus on that song only for some special event .

Thai Musical Instruments Lessons


  1. Parts of the Cha khe
  2. Basic skills
    – Sitting beside the instrument
    – How to tie to the player’s index finger, and bracing it with the thumb and index finger.
    – Using left hand on the fretboard while plucking the string with right hand
  3. How to play any song and Theory of reading and writing Thai notes


  1. Parts of the Khim
  2. Basic skills
    – sitting down on the floor
    – How to play with two flexible bamboo sticks with soft leather at the tips to produce a soft tone
  3. How to play any song and Theory of reading and writing Thai notes